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The Complete Bible Handbook: An Illustrated Companion
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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An accessible, inspirational guide that embraces the whole of the Judeo-Christian tradition. The most important book in Western history, the Bible has had a profound influence on the religious, intellectual, and cultural life of societies throughout the world. The Complete Bible Handbook draws on the latest scholarship to form the most comprehensive and accessible guide to the Bible ever published. Every book of the Bible is outlined and explained, with the focus on key figures, events and teachings. Led by the respected scholar John Bowker, pioneer in the study of religions, The Complete Bible Handbook is an authoritative and inspirational guide written by a multidenominational team of experts that embraces both Jewish and Christian faiths. The commentaries are supported by more than 500 color illustrations, often casting new light on Bible stories. Location photographs and maps show biblical sites as they are today, and many important works of religious art are beautifully reproduced.

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