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Antiques collection as hobby
Monograms and Antique Linens: A Collection of Beautiful Linens, Hand-sewn Clothing, and Fine Monogram Work
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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This book is a beautiful collection of linens, hand-sewn clothing, and fine monogram work. Detailed photography showcases classic styles―from antiques to modern designs―highlighting how the beloved custom of monogramming continues to flourish today. Custom emblems wrap a home in gentility and timeless grace, becoming tomorrow’s treasured heirlooms while lending an air of unmistakable elegance.

The book features sections on the history of monograms, royal monograms, the proper use of monograms, as well as ideas for today’s monograms with a modern twist. Monogrammed tableware accompanies the linens, as well as outstanding silver monograms. There are sections featuring colonial Williamsburg, as well as the Biltmore and the Vanderbilt monogrammed collections with the history of the houses, too.

Monograms and Antique Linensserves as a reference book on the proper etiquette for monogramming, the care of fine and antique linens, and provides sources where readers can find these items from today's merchants.

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