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Imperial Frames 11 by 14-Inch/14 by 11-Inch Picture/Photo Frame, Antique Gold Molding with Rich Floral Designs
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $37.73 Lowest price: New $28.30
~ Comes complete with glass, backboard, and hooks already attached for your convenience
~ Made of solid wood covered with a thin layer of gesso to ensure uniform color and smooth surface
~ Available in a large variety of sizes, so you don't need to go to custom framing shops
~ Fits 11-inch by 14-inch or 14-inch by 11-inch prints

This is a brand new 11 by 14 picture/photo frame (meaning a 11-inch by 14-inch or a 14-inch by 11-inch print will fit just right). Solid wood 2.75-inch wide and 1.75-inch thick molding with a 0.25-inch deep rabbet is covered with a thin layer of gesso and painted antique-gold. It also features rich crowns on corners touched with patina. In fact, it's a double molding, as behind the thick front one there's another, nicely carved, 3/4 inches wide (please see the corner close-up). This frame would flatter your family photograph or art, giving it a rich, expensive look without a trip to a custom framing shop. A splendid frame for a fraction of market price - we're lucky to have good connections with manufacturers, that's all. Gorgeous match to the most pretentious interior. Based on the feedback we get regarding this frame, it seems to be most popular with wedding or graduation pictures. And we're not surprised - captures of such important moments that would be cherished forever naturally need a rich frame such as this one. Look no further. This frame will stay in your house for years to come, reminding of that special day in most elegant way, instantly shifting your home towards those wealthy, old-world Victorian houses you've seen in movies. poster, photograph, artwork, craft project, etc. Needless to say, this frame would make an amazing Easter gift.

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