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Prime-Line E 2294 Vintage Style Mortise Lock Assembly, 5-1/2 in. Face Plate, Brass Plated Steel
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $14.99 Lowest price: New $8.48 Used $8.67
~ This mortise caselock is used indoors with old style mortise lock sets
~ 2-3/8 in. backset with a 9/32 in. square spindle drive accepts a max. spindle size of 1/4 inch
~ Brass plated finish
~ Constructed of steel and diecast components

These mortise lock assemblies are constructed of steel and diecast components and come in a brass plated finish. This mortise caselock is designed for indoor use only, and it functions with the use of a spring-loaded square drive spindle at a maximum width and height of 1/4 inch. It ships handed (to close in a certain direction), but the latch can be reversed for opposite swinging doors. This mortise lock assembly is used with antique and vintage door hardware and it features a 2-3/8 in. backset. The latch includes a latch and deadbolt strike with fasteners, but it does NOT include any of the following components and they must be purchased separately: The door knobs, square spindle, spare keys and trim plates. *Note #1: The square drive on this latch has a 9/32 in. opening, but it will ONLY accommodate 1/4 in. square spindles. Note #2: This item cannot be used on pre-bored doors that have large, newer style door knob holes without first prepping them to receive this hardware. *Installation tip #1: Because the fasteners of the rosettes (purchased separately) require a solid surface to mount to, the large 2-1/8 in. (approximate size) holes must first be filled with a hardening filler, to then be able to receive the rosette fasteners. Products like Fix-It-All and Bondo Body Filler have worked well for some, but care must be used to avoid damaging any prefinished door surfaces during application and finishing. *Installation tip #2: Apply a small amount of Loctite ThreadLocker 271 to the set screw threads in the event they are loosening – Loctite purchased separately. *Installation Tip #3: See manufacturer’s How-To Video which shows how to reverse the handing of the door latch.

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