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Staff of Ra, Egyptian Headpiece, Antique Gold, Solid Metal
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $34.99 Lowest price: New $59.99
~ Solid Metal and weighs 8 ounces (227 Grams).
~ Measures; 3.25" in Diameter & .25" to .50" thick.
~ Antique Gold with 2 Amber Acrylic Jewels.
~ Jewels are see through so you can shine a light or just look into.
~ Comes in Burlap Bag

This is a Copy of the Historical Staff of RA Headpiece. It is solid metal and weighs 8 ounces (227 Grams). It measures; 3.25" in Diameter & .25" to .50" thick gradual towards the center. The RA Headpiece is Antique Gold and has two Acrylic jewels. The Jewels are see through so you can shine a light or just look through. The Ra Headpiece comes with Amber Jewels attached. However if you would like you can have Red Acrylic Jewels or one Amber and one Red. There is no charge for the different jewels. The Matching RA Headpiece Staff Stand and Display Plaque, as shown are not included. They are available as a option for $24.99. E-mail or see it's own listing. The RA headpiece is also available in Shiny Metal, a German Version & a Belt Buckle that also will hold a Zippo Elsa lighter behind it. It is also available with real Swarovski Crystals. See store or e-mail for pricing.

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