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Anti-Tarnish Silver Cloth - Pre-cut by the Yard - Antique White (2 Yards by 58")
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $31.90 Lowest price: New $31.90
~ Anti-Tarnish cloth keeps tarnish producing gases in the air from reaching your silver
~ Sold by the yard, 58" wide - Pre-cut in popular lengths
~ Perfect for storing sterling silver, silver plate or other precious metals
~ Ideal for making storage pouches for flatware or jewelry - line cabinets, drawers or chests
~ Silver cloth will be effective for years. Do not wash (washing removes the anti-tarnish properties)

The anti-tarnish properties of Silver Cloth neutralize air-borne gasses that cause silver to tarnish. Ideal for making bags and pouches or for lining drawers and cabinets. Silver cloth will retain it's anti-tarnish properties as long as it is not washed. Sold by the yard, each piece is 58" wide.

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