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INK WASH Ready to Hang Framed Asian Watercolor Antique Colored Ink Traditional Chinese Pink Cherry Blossom Floral Wall Art Birds and Flower Paintings Stand for Health Happy Life & Wealth 13"x13"
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~ In the painting, the peach blossom and vivid birds symbolizing love and a good life. Good gift for friends to wish them to meet their lovers quickly and would have a happy love.
~ Good art for you to appreciate. Flower painting, previously associated chiefly with Buddhist art, came into its own as a separate branch of painting in the Five Dynasties (907-960).
~ It can help us to stabilize our mood when we are angry or anxious. We will also start to be extremely sensitive to the colors, beauty and nature to find more beauty in our normal life.
~ A perfect wall decoration painting for living room, office, aisle, bedroom, entryway and dining room.
~ High quality, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


The painting,treated by the advanced simulation technology on the Chinese paintings,has perfectly being restored back to its original style and spirit.
It also has the highest artistic quality after the traditional hand-making mounting.
Abount This Painting and the Painter
Zhi Yu,style name was Nan Zhou.
He was good at drawing in Academic style and especially flowers and birds,and who always got his personal style.
This album consists of twelve parts, orchid,peony,lily,lotus,chrysanthemum,peach,plum,begonia,winter sweet and so on.
On the flower branch there were tipple bees,butterflies,dragonflies,grasshoppers,tit,thrush,oriole,ribbon and so on.
This picture was elegant and bright with a simple composition.
It had a delicate brushwork in drawing flying butterflies,grasshoppers and the birds was accurate that showed the artist has a solid grounding sketch.
other information
Top 10 Flowers In Chinese Culture
1.Plum Blossom:strong personality,unafraid of difficulties(also symbol of winter,since the tree blossoms in the end of winter
2.Peony:beauty,rank,higher social status,luxury,opulence
3.Chrysanthemum:intellectual accomplishments,cleansing qualities,cure illnesses,longevity,considered to be the'gentleman of flowers'(also symbol of autumn)
4.Orchid:elegance(also symbol of spring)
5.China rose:queen of flowers
7.Azaleas:happiness and prosperity
8.lotus:purity and one of the Eight Buddhist Symbols of good fortune
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