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Mini Brass Bulb Horn
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $17.90 Lowest price: New $18.99
~ SMALLER THAN IT LOOKS: Tiny bicycle-size horn is compact, generates surprisingly loud blast.
~ LOW-COST REPRODUCTION: Vintage design at a budget price. LIGHT-WEIGHT PRACTICAL CONSTRUCTION: Easy to carry, won't wear you down. Removable reed and bulb.
~ FREE 4-PAGE BULB HORN TIPS GUIDE packed with each shipment. HAND APPLIED PROTECTANT guards against ozone, oxidation and UV radiation - extends life of rubber.
~ CERTIFIED INSPECTION: Authentic Folkroots bulb horn products include official inspection certificate verifying item was bench tested, passed, and guaranteed by Bone Dry Musical Instrument Co.
~ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Want different tone? Includes coupon for free replacement reed.

EXCELLENT FOR MUSICAL WASHBOARDS, VINTAGE CARS, CLOWNS & ENTERTAINERS. Mini Brass horn features small bell. The compact bicycle-size design generates a loud blast, yet stays out of the way and keeps a low profile. REPRODUCTION ANTIQUE-STYLE BULB HORN: This instrument is handcrafted yet budget-priced. It resembles vintage bulb horns your great-grandad might have seen on early motorcars from 1900 to 1915. MINI HORN IS SMALLER THAN IT LOOKS: Easily held in one hand, this cute little horn measures just 8-1/2" (21.59 cm) in length and features a small 2-3/4" (6.98 cm) diameter bell, removable reed, and mini squeeze bulb. ATTRACTIVE BRASS FINISH: Made from real brass that achieves an attractive antique patina with age. Or keep finish shiny with any commercial brass polish. WHY CHOOSE THIS HORN: If you want a budget-priced, antique-style, light-weight, bicycle-sized brass bulb horn with a loud honk that's small enough to stay out of the way and keeps a low profile, then this horn is for you. Mounting hardware not provided. TECHNICAL SPECS: Length: 8-1/2" (21.59 cm); Weight: 4.8 oz; Bell Diameter: 2-3/4" (6.98 cm); Bulb Diameter: 2-1/2" (6.35 cm); Bulb Circumference: 8-3/16" (20.8 cm); Brass Tube ID (Fitting): ~9/16" (1.43 cm) at 28 tpi (threads per inch); Brass Tube OD: 5/8" (1.59 cm); Reed Type: Tongue and shallot; Reed Mount: Tapered thread; Reed Construction: Solid brass, or metal tongue w/plastic threads & shallot.

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