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Hiware 35 Oz Glass Drip-free Carafe with Stainless Steel Silicone Flip-top Lid - Glass Water Pitcher Glass Fridge Carafe Ice Tea Maker
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $17.50 Lowest price: New $15.99
~ The carafe is made of glass with bottle pourer made of stainless steel and silicone rubber
~ Drip free carafe can be used for all types of beverages as well as for decanting and serving wine
~ The glass carafe has a drip-free spill proof bottle pourer, opens automatically when you pour, This means that you avoid the fridge aftertaste or ice cubes splashing down into the tumbler, The lid is composed by a round stainless top cover, a silicone bottom lid and a stainless stem that holds both items together
~ The carafe offers a simple style and solid construction while ensuring the contents end up in your glass, thanks to the functional pouring lip
~ The fridge carafe has been designed in a simple, classic milk bottle shape - the size of which fits neatly into the fridge door. The mouth of the carafe is large enough for ice cubes and sliced lemon. And, of course, there is the added bonus that the carafe is a decorative element on the table

You know the problem: Your favourite jug is too wide to sit in the fridge door, or too high for the shelves, and because the lid has been lost, the contents quickly pick up the flavour of the garlic cheese on the middle shelf. To get fridge-cold water, many of us therefore fill old fizzy drinks and mineral water bottles up with tap water, as they fit the fridge better. But anyone who has tried mixing juice in a water bottle knows the problem of juice spilling onto the kitchen surface and sticky patches down the sides of the bottle. And finally, it requires surgical precision to insert slices of lemon or lumps of ice through the bottle mouth.

The dishwasher-safe carafe offers a simple style and solid construction, the stylish, sweeping forms of these carafes are made from heat-resistant glass, suitable for serving any kind of beverage. The innovative drip-free lid makes for easy pouring and ensuring the contents end up in your glass - not on the tablecloth, thanks to the functional pouring lip.

Use an elegant glass carafe for chilling and serving water, milk, juice or iced tea. Replace plastic pitchers that scratch easily and leach harmful chemicals.

Our glass carafe are masters at creating designs that can make you wonder 'Why did no one think of that before?' The fridge carafe continues this tradition with a simple, elegant design that is a must for the modern kitchen.

It's a wonderful gift for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day and other holidays.

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