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Giant World Antique MegaMap - Laminated / Encapsulated 77.5 x 46 inches
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $28.99 Lowest price: New $27.50
~ GIANT SIZED - world map with stunning antique detail
~ QUALITY - finished with two sided lamination
~ STYLISH - antique tones uses in world map featuring time zones
~ SIZE: 77.5 x 46 inches / Scale: 1:20m
~ CARTOGRAPHIC DETAIL - high level of detail for this world map


Giant sized World Antique Map is simply stunning and perfect for a vintage look.

Map details: Splendid wall map art of the world in vintage style. This antique world map art complete with political detail (countries shaded in different tones), country boundaries, cities and time zones. This really is the most stylish and practical wall map art available! Designed by specialist map makers, our team of cartographers create beautiful maps. So detail as well as design is what we do best. Our philosophy of 'good cartography' is what we hope people will love and appreciate.

Laminated / Encapsulated: Your wall map will be finished with an encapsulation process. Encapsulation means that the map is heat sealed between two sheets of industrial quality film. Please note that the edges of this map are not sealed. Encapsulation gives the map a write on wipe off finish, meaning that, using the appropriate pen (for whiteboard use) or Chinagraph pencil any writing on the map can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Size: 77.5 x 46 inches

Packaging: Comes rolled in a tube.

Wooden hanging bars are not included.

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