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Original Greek Army Issue U.S. Vietnam War Style M1961 Buttpack
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $19.95 Lowest price:
~ Supplied to Greece during the Vietnam Era.
~ Original U.S. manufacture.
~ No U.S. NSN or contract number markings.
~ Good to Excellent condition!
~ Not U.S. Army issue but nearly identical.

Original Item: Nearly identical to the M1956 buttock which is also called the Fanny pack, these are genuine USA made Model 1961 vintage butt packs belts manufactured in the early 1960s, some bags saw service in Greece. As these were not issued to US troops, there will not be any NSN or contract number markings. This pattern of bag has a waterproof throat around the opening that folds inwards to protect the interior contents.

It has a plastic window pocket to put your name. It has two carry straps on the bottom and ALICE clips on the rear to attach to the pistol belt. The suspenders attach to the top of the bag on the back through riveted holes on stitched tabs. All show some use but each is offered in very good to excellent condition.

Dimensions of the M1961:
1. length is 5-1/2
2. height is 8-1/2
3. width is 9"

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