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American Flag made of worn out burlap and wood | Rustic decor | American flag wall decor | Handmade flag, Personalized gift
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $149.00 Lowest price: New $149.00
A true, American classic, vintage home decor! Each piece is uniquely different due to our specialized and varied aging techniques applied on the wooden battens and burlap cloth of this piece. Each flag can be customized by adding an engraved plaque with your special message on. Made to order. Completely Handcrafted and painted by hand on burlap (woven fabric) and weathered wood. Both materials are going through our specialized aging process. | Sizes: 34''x23'' or 47''x33'' (or any other customized size that suits best on your wall) | Natural fiber burlap & weathered, oak look, wooden boards | Wall-mounting ready | Other flags can be made upon request | After years of experimenting on aging techniques, we are able to offer brand new and unused items with an exceptional aged look. Thank You for visiting! We remain at your service for any further information.

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