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Household Essentials White Washed Rustic Decorative Wooden Trunk, Large
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $129.99 Lowest price:
~ Large wooden storage chest with weathered finish on 3 sides, metal hinge accent, and black backing
~ Tall and narrow for ample storage and small footprint
~ Hinged lid opens fully and stays open
~ Aged finish with heirloom-feel
~ 20.875 inches high x 24.75 inches wide x 16.25 inches deep

Household Essentials Large Wooden Home Chest is a spacious storage chest that takes advantage of vertical space. It is 20.875 inches high x 24.75 inches wide x 16.25 inches deep. It has a hinged lid that stays open without behind held. The lid clicks audibly as it opens; each click indicates a position where the lid will stay open. It is also a good alert for when someone is getting into the chest! With an antiqued finish and bleached gray wood, this charming home chest makes a great accent for home. Use as a blanket chest or bed chest. Fill with throws, toys, or games. Each wooden chest has wood paneling that has been finished to look like bleached aged wood. Its light, slightly gray-tone makes it a beautiful addition to both light and dark color palette. But its most charming accent is the spade-shaped metal closure. Its distinctive and familiar shape gives these trunks a sophisticated upgrade. Please note that the hinged lid clicks audibly when opened. This click function indicates the positions at which the lid will remain open without being held. The chest has a black-painted interior.

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