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Elegant Decorative Zinc Alloy Tall Filigree Pitcher Vase with Handle, Pewter Finish | Valentine's Day Gift For Her
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
Lowest price: Used $42.93
~ Beautiful and elegantly-styled antique vase with gorgeous filigree carvings on its base and handle
~ Tall and slim, its proportions make it perfect for display on its own or as vase for flower stalks
~ Charm your guests with this perfect piece to adorn your display cabinet, sideboard or dining table
~ Can also be used as a unique pitcher for a little milk or sugar syrup for your tea time
~ Approximately measures: 10.2"x3.1"x2.5"

What better way to add some old world charm to your decor than to style it with this classic, elegant vase. Exuding the perfect combination of simplicity and antique style, the beautiful carvings on the base and uniquely curved-handle make it a deserving centerpiece. It has an interestingly curved spout which flows towards the body and handle - an elegant touch to an already beautiful creation. Perfect as a decorative piece either at home or in the office, it instantly adds class to a room, giving it an elegant and timeless feel. This vase would be an excellent wedding present or housewarming gift to newlyweds that enhances the overall look of their home decor.

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