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30mm dia Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer Coin - Silver Antique
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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~ "Beautiful 3D Saint Michael coin in full silver detail. 3D Rope/cord edged front, 2D Rope/cord edged back. The sacred, permanent prayer begins on the front of the coin and continues to the back and is a perfect gift for Firemen - Military and Police Officers - Students - Travelers.
~ "This powerful St Michael Prayer is to protect and shield the carrier from unexpected danger. Many have found added security and peace of mind carrying a St Michael coin with them at all times.
~ "The Policeman Patron St Michael, is also perfect for your loved ones in the Military - Students and frequent Travelers, etc. Many have found added security and peace of mind carrying a St Michael coin with them at all times.
~ "Made from top quality lead-free Zinc Alloy with a Silver Antique Plating - allowing the intricate details to fully stand out.
~ "The protective gift of a St Michael token shows how much you care. The Saint Michael Prayer coin will always watch over you or your loved ones.

Silver Antique Plating. I share this unique, one of a kind, 2017 design is based on the original, authentic Italian painting for this ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL holy prayer coin key chain, medal or lapel pin; My interest to restore sacred beauty lead me to hire an artist to re-create this authentic, symbolic, and timeless classic image based on the 16th-century painting, and placed this image on the front side of a coin. The words on the front and back capture one English translation of a familiar prayer. I hope you will join me in praying this daily and share these items.Beautiful, small, detailed, and discrete. The beauty of the 16th century oil painting has many details and uses light and darkness to capture one's attention and reflect. The antique plating uses light and darkness to highlight details.The front side features an image of the Archangel Saint Michael slaying a dragon, the devil, Satan. The 3-D rope edge symbolizes binding: rope, chain, cinch, etc. The words on the front and back invite us to pray for protection. The prayer begins on the front and continues on the back. St. Michael the Archangel, the angel appointed by God to protect man, body, and soul, "against the wickedness and snares of the devil." St Michael is known as the leader of the army of God; forever in the presence of God; considered the guardian protector of the Church and patron of soldiers and policeman. Great angel against demons & evil spirits.Enjoy this beautiful and sacred art! Currently ONLY sold on Amazon. Limited Supply. The soft zinc metal alloy will show wear over time. Safety: Plating applied to the base metal material: lead-free zinc alloy (per European standards). If you have metal sensitivities, the plating may protect you until it wears through to the base metal. Please use discretion. Remember to have your parish priest bless these items. Carry this with you at all times. Pray for self and family.

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