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Iron Teapot with Warmer ~ Japanese Antique 24 fl oz Green Ginkgo Leaf Cast Iron Teapot Tetsubin with Infuser ( Birthday, Christmas gift, housewarming gift, Feng shui) We pay your sales tax~
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $39.99 Lowest price: New $39.99
~ This Green Ginko iron cast teapot is heavy and elegant.
~ Size: 7.5" x 8" 24 fl oz Volume. 1 Stainless steel infuser + 1 teapot warmer included. Cups NOT included
~ Black porcelain enameled interior is heat resistant and retains heat.
~ Warmer: Size: 6" W x 3" H Inches. It is best to use 1 tea light inside the warmer. The top grill is removable, so placement is not a problem.
~ Makes for an excellent gift for any occassion: Holidays, Anniversaries, Appreciation, etc.

In Asia when we have good tea, we do not say drink tea , we say taste the tea instead. You don't use big cups , you do not swallow. You sip like you sip your wine to feel the aroma and after taste that the tea brings. This is a great set include everything you need, simply use them or put out as a decorative display in your cabinet would be nice. In Japanese decorative art, the ginkgo's distinctive fan-shaped leaf has carried symbolism along with its singular beauty: the ginkgo is a symbol of longevity and of a more profound endurance. What better way to reflect on your mind than with a cup of tea?

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