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Mechanical Metronome | Vintage, Antique Style Beat Keeper | Tuner for Musical Instruments | Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin, Vocals | Includes Training eBooks | Wood Color
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $75.68 Lowest price: New $45.00
~ IMPROVE PLAY & RHYTHM - These mechanical metronomes help maintain rhythm while reading sheet music, helping you find proper pace and consistency in music styles.
~ SUPPORTS INSTRUMENTS & SINGERS - Use this beat metronome for pianos, violins, guitars, bass, drum, or even vocals to maintain tempo and range.
~ HANDS-FREE SUPPORT - A single windup of our metronome tuner lasts up to 18 full minutes, producing audible clicks and bell rings for focusing on playing or singing.
~ UNBEATABLE TEMP RANGE - The vintage style means no batteries and no electronic necessary; it also offers a tempo range of 40-208 BPM with beat selection of 0-6.
~ INCLUDES TRAINING EBOOKS - Great for new musicians, kids and adults alike, each metronome comes with three training eBooks to help you develop your skillset.

Metronome Metronome tuner Beat metronome Mechanical metronome Piano metronome Guitar tuner metronome Wooden metronome Metronome tuner beat mechanical instrument tuning sound musical music guitar piano wooden drum electric vintage authentic interactive polyrhythm chromatic counting violin antique traditional retro traditional swinging analog pendulum trumpet drummer Metronome Metronome tuner Beat metronome Mechanical metronome Piano metronome Guitar tuner metronome Wooden metronome High quality & beautiful - Using wood-simulated dark plastic exterior that really make you different with others

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