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Red Pomegranate 6604-6 Gilded Tableware Canape Plate, 6.5", Antique Turquoise/Red/Gold
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $44.89 Lowest price: New $41.75
~ Hand made and hand decorated
~ Each piece is a unique work of art
~ All glass decorations are applied on the back of the item, front face is genuine glass
~ Food safe for hot or cold food
~ Dimensions may vary due to the hand made nature of the Spun glassware technique
~ Not microwave, oven and dishwasher safe

Feel the Versailles palace luxury in your home with the lace collection. Each item from this collection is a Masterpiece; hand finished using organic paints and gold colored metal Leaves Gilded on the glass surface. Food safe and oxidation free. Each piece is hand made using spun glass technique, once the glass has cooled down we hand decorate each one on the back of the glass starting with a hand applied patina paint which follows with gilding the silver, gold or copper Leaves on the surface. Once the surface is cleaned from metal leaf residues, the item is heat cured we then layer organic pigment in steps to each glass piece by hand. As the metal layer soaks the paints in, all items are sealed with a special lacquer to assure its resistance to usage and heated for a final time to cure the item and penetrate all materials on the glass surface. Start to finish each one takes up to 3 hours to create. You can use this piece of art Canape plate as a decor piece on your Coffee table, coin plate, jewelry tray or even a soap dish in your Bath. You can also serve food as bread, appetizers, cheese etc... on this plate to decorate your table at your dinner party. Perfect size for personal tasting dishes. You can also use as a candle plate for your pillars.

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