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Handmade and Handcrafted Medieval Arabesque Wall Hanging Or Shelf Art Featuring An Etched Mamluk Old World Antique Window Design
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The mosque of Zahir Baybars in Cairo was built in 1268 by this powerful Mamluk Sultan. It was a large structure built for the refugees who flocked to Cairo from Iraq and Syria following the Mongol invasion. When Napoleon came to Egypt he made the mosque into a fort, Fort Sukowlski, and it subsequently became a soap factory and then a bakery. The mosque has laid in a stage of ruin for many years and until recent, no renovation work has ever been done to help it recover. We thought here at The Arabesque we could possibly recapture a glimpse of this grand building's historical beauty. The work we have done here is to recapture a glimpse of the mosque's original beauty and former glory by depicting one of its windows as a home or office decor piece. The arabesque laced window which we have woodburned here is from a historic drawing of that mosque. We have tried to revive a little bit of the history of Zahir Baybars and his amazing era as a Mamluk Sultan. This wall decor piece measures 11 inches at the base and narrows to a 9 inch top. The height of the piece is 13 inches. The basswood plaque we have etched this on preserves it's live edge. It has been stained in a midnight blue color and the window design has been accented with paints. Note: hanging hardware not included.

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