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Antiques collection as hobby
Lot of 10 Antique Vintage Old Books Collector Decorator Set *MIXED LOT UNSORTED*
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
Lowest price: Used $60.51
~ This auction is for a mixed lot of 10 unsorted books. Your 10 books will be randomly selected from our vast selection of antique and vintage books. Titles, subjects, and colors will vary, and there will be no duplicates.
~ Our images are a sample representation of our inventory, and you are not guaranteed to get any of the books actually pictured.
~ All books in this lot were published before 1930. Books are in generally good to very good condition, especially on the outside, as these are primarily for decorative use.
~ Covers may show some light wear from use or age, especially along the edges, but are in overall good condition. Interior of the books will likely have more age-related wear, possibly including some separation at the hinges (covers) but still securely attached to the book, some foxing (spotting), or tanning of the pages with age. Books may include inscriptions and/or previous owners' names on the interior.
~ While we cannot guarantee that we include a particular title or color of book, if you are looking for a particular color scheme (pastels, reds and blues, shades of brown, etc.) or you'd prefer either fiction or nonfiction, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Lot of 10 Antique Vintage Old Books Collector Decorator Set *MIXED LOT UNSORTED*

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