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Antiques collection as hobby
Jewelry Loupe Magnifier with LED Light, AFUNTA 30X,60X,90X Pocket Magnifying Glass for Rocks Stamps Coins Watches Hobbies Antiques Models Photos - Silver
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~ FUNCTION: This Jewelry Loupe Magnifier used for antique, jewelry identification, electronic maintenance, precision machining, printing, gardening, stamp collecting and other industries.
~ 3 THREE MAGNIFICATIONS: 30X (25mm), 60X (12mm), 90X (8mm). The magnification is changeable according to the distance between the reading material and the magnifying glass, and the user can freely adjust the limit.
~ BUILT-IN LIGHT SOURCE: 2 eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED lights for low-light conditions. 1 UV light for counterfeit currency detection.
~ FOLDABLE DESIGN: Just slide out the Jewelry Magnifier, the light turns on automatically, put back it turns off then.
~ BONUS: Comes with 3 LR44 replacement batteries and a screwdriver in the package for changing the batteries.

1. Do not put a magnifying glass directly exposed to the sun, the eyes do not aim at the focus, to avoid be burnt.
2. When the sun is direct, do not place flammable materials under the focus.
3. The higher of the Magnifier magnification, the smaller you can see the scope. In order to obtain a larger field of vision, the distance between the eyes and the lens shall be closer.

This Jewelry Loupe Magnifier with LED Light designed for seniors, hobbyists, professional jewelers, watchmakers, and coin & stamp collectors.

Made of scratch resistant acrylic lens and premium ABS.

Lightweight and portable design make it convenient to carry wherever you go.

Built-in light source:
2* LED lights: provide an evenly lit viewing area under low-light conditions.
1 *UV light: counterfeit currency detection.

Battery Model: LR44 (included)
Product Size: approx 8.5cm x 4.6cm
Voltage: 1.5V
Lens Diameter: 30X-25mm.60X-12mm.90X-8mm
Push Slide to Turn ON and OFF
Illumination: LED light & with currency detection function UV light

Packing list:
1* Loupe Magnifier
3* LR44 battery
1* Instruction
1* Screwdriver
1* Package box

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