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Antiques collection as hobby
Formline LED Illuminated Jewelers Loupe / Trichome Scope (60x + 30x Lens) - Magnifier made for Gardening, Jewelry, Antiques, Coins, Rocks, Stamps, Hobbies, Watches, Photos and Science (White/Silver)
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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~ USE FOR PROPER PLANT IDENTIFICATION - Determine plant sex or identify and diagnose issues (Molds, Pests, Disease) before they become problems.
~ HARVEST AT THE RIGHT TIME - Trichomes are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Magnify crop with either the 30x or 60x Lens to determine the optimal time to harvest.
~ PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE - No need to carry a large microscope, easily carry this with you or place in your tool or garden bag
~ VIEW IN ALMOST ANY CONDITION - Built in bright LEDs allows you to view in almost any condition
~ EASY TO USE AND HAS SO MANY USES - Just unfold and flip the LED on to get an up close view of Jewelry, Stamps, Coins, Photos, Cuts, Scratches and more

Traditionally used by jewelers, collectors and hobbyists to admire the smallest of products, these LED Illuminated Jewelers Loupes work great to inspect plant trichomes, or to look for molds and pests.

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