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XUZOU Blue and White Porcelain Vase, Chinese Antique Ceramic Vases Handpainted Porcelain Decorative Jar Oriental Vase from Jingdezhen - 12 inch Tall
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~ Use Jingdezhen quality kaolin as raw material.Hand-drawn embryo providing a unique look for every piece.That's the charm of handmade.
~ Hand-painted products reflect the traditional Chinese arts and crafts. These patterns are drawn out by the folk artists.Each line is full with a fusion of Eastern culture
~ Intricate details and craftsmanship
~ Every vase will be wrapped carefully so it will arrive perfectly safe and unharmed.You do not need to worry about recieving a broken vase.
~ This is also the unique and best gift item for any occasions like Birthday, Father's day, Mother's day, Teacher Day, Christmas etc.

When it comes to Chinses ceramic, blue and white pocelain must come into most of people's mind, from which we can feel the popular of blue and white.Do you know why so much people are crazy about blue and white rather than other ceramic, Chinese even call it ""national porcelain""?

Mature blue and white porcelain, must meet the following three elements
With white porcelain and pure transparent glaze,
The use of cobalt material to produce blue pattern,
Proficiency in underglaze painting technology

General speaking,
It is the earliest mature hard porcelain to the world.
Both ordinary people, court aristocrats, scholars and writers, foreign buyers can meet their aesthetic needs through blue and white porcelain.

Fine craftsmanship
From natural
XUZOU blue and white ceramic vaseUse Jingdezhen high quality kaolin as raw material, ensuring product quality.Jingdezhen porcelain is thin and light in fine texture, exstiting in pure white.Glaze is milky white or white pan-blue,the subtle elegance of Chinese elegance embodied in the shape and pattern of porcelain .

Forming and drying
The ceramic vase will be air dried after it finish shaping, preparing for glazing. Paints are usually glazed on the porcelain that has finished firing and molding with skillful painting. Then begin secondary firing.

Pure handmade
High-quality raw materials require high-quality hand glazing, each vase will have a different effect and a slightly irregular shape due to the glaze mobility during the glazing process. Hand-painted products reflect the traditional Chinese arts and crafts. These patterns are drawn outline by a series of folk artists. Chinese culture is deeply rooted in the marrow of each artist, drawing a point of dyeing. Each paint is fused with the charm of oriental culture.

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